Sexy Movies on Netflix

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Whether you’re looking for steamy bedroom scenes or passionate romance, Netflix has a ton of options streaming right now. These include standby classics like Magic Mike and underrated newcomers like Cam and Lust Stories. Check this list for a movie that suits you and then get streaming!

  1. Nymphomaniac V1

    Joe is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac. After a violent encounter, she recounts the stories of her romantic exploits to the man who saved her.

    Nymphomaniac V1
  2. Cam

    A cam girl is deprived of her identity and livelihood by a mysterious attacker in this sexy horror thriller.

  3. Magic Mike

    Channing Tatum is a male stripper in this dark comedy by Steven Soderbergh. Although it may sound gimmicky, this film takes a serious look at relationships and the lines between love and lust.

    Magic Mike
  4. Newness

    Two young people begin a boundary-pushing relationship in the era of dating apps and online hookup culture.

  5. Love

    "A man in an unsatisfying marriage recalls the details of an intense past relationship with an ex-girlfriend when he gets word that she may be missing."

  6. Lust Stories

    Lust Stories is a compilation of four short films exploring love, sex, and relationships in modern-day India.

    Lust Stories
  7. Ibiza Love Drunk

    An adventurous young New Yorker chases love to unexpected places in this new romantic comedy.

    Ibiza Love Drunk
  8. Concussion

    A blow to the head leads to some life-altering decisions for the protagonist of this film. Namely, becoming a lesbian escort who brings passion into the lives of lonely women.

  9. Sleeping With Other People

    This movie puts a new spin on the romantic comedy genre, featuring two best friends who have agreed not to become lovers despite their sexual history.

    Sleeping With Other People

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