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Adult Time’s Award-Winning Series & Films

Adult Time is a streaming service exclusively for adults. It is a platform built by fans who believe in a future where mature audiences can safely, securely, and proudly enjoy our award-winning adult content. Dubbed the ‘Netflix of Porn’, Adult Time offers an extensive catalog of over 300 channels,60,000 episodes and 8+ new releases per day from some of the world’s most recognized studios, alongside exclusive original series, feature films, and much more. Adult Time, Porn done differently.

  1. The Yes List

    The Yes List
  2. Grinders

  3. Lez Be Bad

    Lez Be Bad

Eight 2023 Romance Novels You’ll Love

Every romance reader hungers for that oh-so-gratifying Happily Ever After endorphin rush, and Avon Books is proud to champion inclusive and emotional stories where love, in all its forms, always wins. Since 1941, Avon has published award-winning romance and commercial fiction, and just like the times we live in now, Avon’s novels have evolved to give readers deeply personal, empowering happy endings—whether it’s of the romantic variety, the love of family and friends, or finding happiness in loving yourself. Below are some of 2023’s most exciting books to get you in the mood for love all year long.

  1. Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey

  2. The Portrait of a Duchess by Scarlett Peckham

  3. The Do-Over by Suzanne Park

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6 Toys for Guaranteed Pleasure

Looking to get off and feel incredible? These sex toys from Blush are sure to hit the spot(s)! Give them a try and surrender to pleasure! Blush founder Verna Meng believes women “need to take ownership of their pleasure, body, mind, and overall happiness.” That’s exactly what you can do with these six powerful sex toys! You can even see how the HOP Lola Bunny Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator works in this YouTube video.

  1. Aria Epic AF Curved Fuchsia

  2. HOP Lola Bunny

  3. Wellness G Wave

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