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Top 7 FUN FACTORY Sex Toys

FUN FACTORY are pioneers in FUN. For over 25 years, they have created toys that inspire sexual exploration—and make them well, so your mind is free to focus on other things. FUN FACTORY’s products are responsibly manufactured in Germany, with fair labor practices and a tiny carbon footprint, because they know that ethics are sexy. FUN FACTORY encourages playfulness for every sex, gender, and orientation—whether you’re alone, together, in bed, in a bathtub, or in a car. What’s important is pleasure, experimentation, and downright dirty FUN!

  1. MANTA

  2. VOLTA



Best Halloween Erotica

Whether Halloween makes you think of tricks or treats, for many, it’s one of the sexiest holidays around, a chance to dress up and be our wildest selves. Perhaps that’s why October 31 has inspired so much Halloween erotica. We’ve gathered the best sexy stories centered around Halloween to read this weekend and get you ready for a hauntingly hot time.

  1. Halloween Hotties: Tales of Taken Women Being Bad

  2. Trick or Treat

  3. JACK: Halloween Monster Erotica

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Top Sexy Netflix Films

Feeling cold? Turn the heat up inside with Netflix’s selection of streaming (and steaming!) sexy movies. Whether you want some sexy inspiration or just some sexy entertainment, these are some of the best sexy Netflix movies to hit the spot. Want even more? See our previous sexy movies on Netflix post.

  1. Yes, God, Yes

  2. Elisa and Marcela

  3. Cuddle Weather

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