The Polycule That Plays Together Stays Together

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Alex Chambers on Unsplash
Alex Chambers on Unsplash

Have you ever played Dungeons & Dragons with your companions in an ethically non-monogamous relationship?

According to one poly community, a little bit of friendly role-playing can go a long way.

A connected group of people in non-monogamous relationships–or a polycule–should have fun together in all aspects of life. And D&D is a great way for these groups to bond.

In the Polyamory subreddit, one polycule started a huge comment thread because they play Dungeons & Dragons together.

Everybody in the thread gushed over the cute relationships on display.

One community member summed up the joy of playing D&D with your polycule, “This is the real reason to be polyamorous — a D&D group you see regularly.” Here’s a conversation they imagined:

 ‘So hey, guys, I know we we had plans tonight but do you wanna, y’know… y’know?’ …

‘Hang on, are you talking about the threesome or D&D?’

‘…I don’t even remember anymore. Both. Threesome in character.’

Inclusivity has been a key value for the creators of D&D.

Lead rules designer Jeremy Crawford told the gaming blog Kotaku that “All of our new adventures contain LGBTQ+ characters. This is true of our next adventure, and it will be true of our stories after that.”

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