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Notes on Transformation

6 min read

Women are biologically designed to transform. We change into being capable of bearing children, then we change back. Our bodies, our hormones, our brains and our emotions transform, not just once, but a number of times.

The Back-Up Plan

5 min read

When I first started thinking about having a boyfriend, I always had a back-up in place. I would change my back-ups, but there was always at least one.

The Berry Tasters

5 min read

If you’ve ever wondered who figured out that this mushroom is simply delicious and this nearly identical delicious mushroom is deadly poisonous, you can thank a berry taster.

A New Freedom

4 min read

"... that’s the new freedom of being an older woman now. After spending decades - decades! - taking care of others, I can take care of myself by doing what I want now."