“Mommunes” Are the Newest Trend in Housing

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Photo by Jhon David on Unsplash
Photo by Jhon David on Unsplash

As the cost of housing continues to increase, single mothers are looking for creative solutions to keep costs down. Enter the “mommune,” a moniker that refers to single mothers co-habitating with other moms and their children.

The PEW Research center says 21% of families in the US are single-mother households. As this number has risen, so too has the need for housing. Co-habitation allows single mothers to split the cost of bills and it’s possible that living arrangements like these can provide positive social advantages for mothers and their children. Per an article from the BBC:

The emotional support network Blake and her fellow mums are building is important to combat disadvantages that some mothers who are raising children alone may face. Several studies across the globe have shown that single mothers are at greater risk for physical and mental health disorders compared to married mothers.

Services like Roommates With Kids and CoAbode have been launched to connect parents looking to co-habitate, both seeing thousands of people interested.

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