When to Call it Quits on Dating Apps

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Have you had frustrating experiences on dating apps? Looking for love in the age of technology is not always what it’s cracked up to be.

One Redditor decided to give up dating apps for good, starting a thought-provoking discussion about experiences on the apps and the limits of digital intimacy.

Here’s what the original poster had to say: 

I’ve been using them for 2 years and decided it was time to stop … I realized you are never interacting in full honesty in a dating app. Irl, you cannot hide your body language or the hesitation in your speech, more often than not you have no choice but to be yourself. Whereas online, you are essentially a sum of the person you are trying to be and the person they wish you are.

Another person had a similar experience with apps:

“I used Tinder a few months after i left my ex just to see my options because i was with him for several years and all through HS. My experience its only useful for hookups, sexting. Nothing personal and the men i met on there never wanted to leave their home to go out and do something. Advice from a female perspective? Don’t hunt for a relationship one will find you.” –PossiblyLaur

The thread inspired this person to get back to meeting people IRL:

“Omg dude… I’ve been using them for 2 years too and I deleted it today. Also, I told myself that I’m gonna meet people f2f instead of through online. Monday I’m gonna pluck up my courage and talk to this cute girl in my class. Wish me luck and good luck to you too!” –superbottie

This person has a solution that still involves apps but takes some of the dating pressure out of the equation:

“I’ve heard meet up is really good because it takes the pressure off of the eating aspect and you can meet someone a little more organically.” –sunshineredbird

This Redditor made a plug for an old-fashioned approach, speed dating:

“After I got burnt out on dating apps I had a go at speed dating and found it to be fun. You don’t get long to talk to each person but it allows to you straight away see if you have that initial attraction. We were also encouraged to chat with each other after the event so we could get to know each other. Even if you don’t meet anyone you’d want to date it’s a fun night and it pushes you to meet new people and potentially make new friends at the very least!” –jonuskong

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