Do You Need an Break From Ethical Nonmonogamy?

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 Charles Deluvio on Unsplash
Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

As ethical nonmonogamy becomes a more common relationship choice, it’s good to remember that it is a personal choice–and you can change your mind at any time.

On Reddit, one reader shared an extremely personal story about their journey through non-monogamous relationships. Ultimately, they decided to take a break and return to monogamy.

What does that story matter? The Reddit reader explained:

“I just wanted to make this post to share my experience, and perhaps to remind those in a similar spot that it’s okay if this isn’t for you, even if you’ve put a lot of energy into it. The most important thing is to remain true to yourself. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back, maybe not, but I think I need to spend some time getting to know me again.”

When you are trying ethical nonmonogamy in a relationship, it can be a challenge.  It can be especially tough when you know your partner is with someone else and it’s your first time experiencing that. As usual, communication plays a vital role in a healthy relationship.

A number of readers agreed. One reader stressed that ethical non-monogamy will never be a one-size-fits-all solution. Check it out:

“I don’t think non-monogamy is better than monogamy. It’s just a different way that works better for some, but both are equally valid. It’s about finding out what works for you – and then finding compatible partner(s).”

One reader had this advice for when to call it quits:

“Some people have a lot of energy for other people, but I felt I was spreading myself too thin.”

One reader wrote:

“when I’m less stressed and have more energy nonmono is fun and great. When I’m under the gun of deadlines, super stressed, and generally burnt out, nonmonogamy drains me. So I hit pause and enjoy what I can when I can.”

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