Dreaming of a Sex Positive Future

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Since 2016, Limerence Press has published erotic and sex education graphic novels. Every book focuses on positive, diverse, and approachable books that reflect a wide variety of emotional and intimate experiences.

Recently, author Sarah Mirk took the press into space…

The Big Idea

Imagine a post-Earth world in which inhabitants float around in outer space in ships marked by their former nations. In Open Earth Digital, a graphic novel from Limerence Press, an imprint of Oni Press, the former citizens of a post-apocalyptic Earth live in harmony up above.

This sex-positive science fiction graphic novel was created by journalist and author of the book, Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules, Sarah Mirk and comic book artist Eva Cabrera.

The Story

The story centers around an energetic full-of-heart young woman named Rigo and her group of friends for a variety of backgrounds who openly date each other. The characters are strong and sexy but don’t conform to stereotypes. “She has grown up in a culture that’s different than ours on Earth—there’s no pop culture, no consumerism, no industry that’s geared around telling her she needs to look a very specific way in order to be pretty,” Mirk explained in the book’s notes. “She loves her body because it’s strong, soft, and brings her a lot of pleasure.”

Rigo’s parents are scientists from the nation of enviro-tech capital California-Mexico-Cascadia, a nation that thrived economically while the old country perished. They went on a mission to breed plants that would grow in a high-carbon atmosphere. What was supposed to be one-year air farm project turned into their future, after the oceans rose, the rain stopped and things got bad below. So they never returned.

In space, there is plenty of time for the pursuit of physical pleasure. While the teens on this floating ship have never tasted hamburgers (and instead dine on manufactured loaves), they still face the challenges that many Earthlings before them have — their hormones are strong and their mind is on sex.

But in this world, parents and kids openly discuss sex with parents even administering birth control to control the population in this limited environment.

Sex Positivity Saves the Day

With all of this passion in their air, it’s not a surprise that the characters begin to fall in love and struggle with these feelings. After all, the allegiance is to the group, which could be threatened by a monogamous lifestyle. Rigo must work through her inner turmoil by openly sharing her feelings with her friends so that no one gets hurt and the sexual revolution can carry on.

The ultimate message is that positive outcomes will thrive in a community of openness, support and friendship, in which open consensual sex is encouraged and not shunned.

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