Can We Escape the Prison of Objectification?

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The “NEW International Lingerie Show” (ILS) will hold its fourth event in Las Vegas this week, bringing the latest fashions and hottest trends in lingerie, dancewear, adult costumes, shoes and, of course, adult novelties.

The ILS was the largest wholesale tradeshow of sexy lingerie and adult novelties in America for more than 20 years, and the New ILS will feature an updated take on the traditional show:

Come discover the best lingerie brands from classy to sassy and everything sexy. Be the first to see new styles, new collections and new products. Find the hottest trends in Dancewear, Sexy Lingerie, Adult Costumes, Shoes & Accessories and a large selection of Plus Size Lingerie.

What do you think? Can this new show make a satisfying synthesis of both traditional and inclusive erotic fashions?

Beauty Redefined foundation co-director Lindsay Kite argued “No,” in a powerful essay about body positivity she wrote in 2016.

The essay covered body-shaming debates, not lingerie shows. But Kite wants us to break out of “the prison of objectification,” rather than building more inclusive definitions of beauty. Check it out:

“Instead of fighting for more women’s bodies to be viewed as valuable, let’s fight for women to be valued as more than bodies to view.”

What's your take?

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