Can You Keep A Secret?

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Alexandra Daddario shines in this breezy rom-com directed by Elise Duran, based on the novel by Sophie Kinsella.

Emma (Daddario), a New York marketing rep, is having a very bad day. She blows an important pitch in Chicago and then, being a nervous flyer, freaks out during a turbulence-buffeted flight back to NYC. Fearing imminent death, she confesses all her fears, inadequacies and secrets to a handsome young seat-mate.

The next Monday at work, turns out he’s her boss who’s been away on a long sabbatical following the tragic death of his best friend and business partner. Emma is mortified. But the boss is attracted, charmed and intrigued by her quirks and comically-skewed observations.

If you love rom-coms, you know what happens next. What matters is the fun in the emotional rollercoaster careening into the final embrace. This one is an E-ticket ride.

You can stream the whole movie here…

It’s a shame that female-centric films (director, lead actress, source novel) like this one, having no muscle-bound heroes or explosive FX, tend to instantly get lost in the massive back-catalogs of iTunes and Netflix. That’s what you get for trying to humorously and lovingly illuminate the angsts and foibles of actual modern human beings.

This film is in many ways a remake of “Annie Hall,” with the focus shifted from a male to a female lead.

In a simpler time (strange that 1977 seems like a lost age of innocence), Alexandra Daddario would now be launched into the same comic-actress stardom achieved by Diane Keaton back in pre-digital “olden times.”

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